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Our Services

Tire Sales, Storage, & Replacement

Bring your tires to Chestnut Avenue Auto for storage and replacement. Our climate controlled space is perfect for keeping you tires away from extended periods of cold weather wear and tear or the harsh summer sun. Purchase new tires from trusted brands from our local auto shop in Hamilton.

Wheel Alignment & Tune Up

Wheel alignment and regular tune ups are important for your tires. Misalignment or imbalance in your tires can cause unnecessary risks. Save yourself the trouble and come down to Chestnut Avenue Auto shop.

Air and Cabin Filter

Take a breath of fresh air when you change your air and cabin filter. Protecting you and your family from harmful pollutants and potential allergens, the air filter is meant to trap contaminants before they enter your car’s cabin. Stop by for a visit at Chestnut Avenue Auto for a clean filter.

Vehicle Air Conditioning Repair and Maintenance

Repairing your air conditioning system and regularly maintaining it safeguards against cross contamination of chemicals and fluids, prevents odours, and ensures that your A/C keeps you cool even in the hottest weather. Notice the difference when you come to Chestnut Avenue Auto for a check up!

Battery & Brakes


Maintaining your brakes regularly extends the life of your car and keeps you safe, it also prevents damage to other parts inside your car which can be costly to replace! Car batteries don’t like the cold. We all know this living in Canada! Check on your batteries regularly at your local auto shop.

Oil Change

Keeping your vehicle healthy is specific to each vehicle and we recommend you get to know the ins and outs of your car based on the Owner’s Manual. We will service your car, changing out the motor oil and oil filter with the proper grade and quantity of new oil exactly when you need it!

Changing Car


The most important part of owning a car is keeping up routine maintenance. Replenishing and flushing out fluids like engine oil, coolant, transmission fluid, steering wheel fluid, or brake fluid is crucial to getting the best performance from your vehicle. Let us worry about routine checks for you!

Steering & Suspension


These systems work together to keep your vehicle under control and give you a smooth experience every time you get behind the wheel. Replacements for your suspension can be costly if you’re not careful. Keep yourself safe by coming in for regular check ups for your steering and suspension!

General Car

Repairs & Maintenance

To maximize your vehicle's lifetime, focus on preventing damage to your car and do routine maintenance checks rather than repairing when there’s a problem. Care for your vehicle and your passengers by checking your air filter, fluid levels, tire pressure and tread depth, and so much more.

Electrical and Engine Repair

Electronic systems in every vehicle model are different but their main components and functions remain the same. Just as with a car engine, if it malfunctions, it could reduce your vehicle's performance and put you in danger. Come in today for a diagnostic, repair, or full replacement.

Hamilton Auto Shop Repairing Services

Hamilton’s vehicles are well taken care of with auto shops all round the city. Chestnut Avenue Auto is proud to have so many Hamiltonians trust us with their vehicles over the past twenty years. We service vehicle models of wide variety and if you can’t get to our shop, we can bring your car to us!


Our Recs

There is no one-size-fits-all solution in the automotive industry. All vehicles have their own subtle nuances and need to be serviced differently. This is why we always recommend that our customers

Read the Owner’s Manual

Reading the owner’s manual can have many benefits:

1. Understanding your vehicle’s maintenance needs.

Cars and overall vehicle builds and models have become more complex and require greater precision when servicing them. Products and fluids used on each car when you take them into the shop or fix them up at home are largely individualized. 


2. Figuring out when to schedule shop appointments.

Every owner’s manual has a table (closer to the end of the manual) that clearly shows all the performance measurements (kilometers driven or gas mileage) when each fluid needs to be changed or when each piece of equipment needs to be inspected or replaced.


3. Discover new features!

Even if your car is the newer model of your old one, it might have a few new bells and whistles. Some things to watch for are types of safety signals and where they are located, automatic seat maneuvers, or basic set up for your infotainment station.

Overall, when in doubt, bring your car into the Chestnut Avenue auto shop and we’ll take care of it for you! Don’t have to read a long Owner’s Manual book? Let us worry about that for you!


Our customers get personalized reminders for when they should bring their car in for regular maintenance tailored to their vehicles make and model and personalized to your busy schedule. You can book online or over the phone so it never feels like a chore.


One of the main benefits of letting a professional take a look at your car are transparent recommendations. Small auto shops aren’t designed to maximize profits by rushing customers into the shop and out the door. We, at Chestnut Avenue Auto, get to know all of our clients and their vehicles to give them the best possible service we can. 


This means that when we recommend you stop replacing your brake parts with low cost materials, you can trust it’s in your best interest. Higher priced equipment is higher quality, made from stronger material and made to last. You’ll have a better performance over time, you’ll need fewer check-ups, and save money in the long-run. 


The other recommendations we give for premium priced and higher quality auto parts like suspension and steering parts often include lifetime warranties and won’t have you worried about premature failures or headaches that come from replacing the same part over and over again.

One question we often hear is about quality tires. We offer brand name tires at Chestnut Avenue Auto. We have worked with these brands for more than 10 years and we trust that they have great mileage ratings, superior handling performance, and road hazard warranties that professionals love in terms of installation and balancing.

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